Claudio-oh, Dear Claudio-oh!

Shit shit dick shit fuck no


One time I ordered a coffee, and neglected to mention that I wanted it iced, because I don’t really like hot beverages. You know what I said to the barista? Nothing. It was my own fault I ordered wrong, simple as that 


you’re the kind of customer i like 

obsessively blogging cause i’m sick in the head today and have no friends so i hope all these posts don’t bother you, but you know what’s weird; lately every time i get upset like this, all i can think is “i want to go outside” 
like i just want to be outside. even now, in WI when it’s like, 40 degrees and snowing in April, i just want to go outside.


a list of things im upset about

my face
my personality
my everything

hey, i’m in the same place right now
at least we’re not alone right?
and you’re lovely, so that gives me hope maybe i am too.


It’s kind of funny how complete strangers on this website are more concerned about you than your own friends are

you know, it’s weird, there are so many of us on this planet, and so many of us feeling the same way, but we’re still all lonely. like, why can’t we all get together and besties or something


I wish my friends would take random pictures of me when we hang out because I’m an arrogant prick and I want more pictures of myself that aren’t selfies.



when the smart student in the class gets the answer wrong  


i get sad, and then i deal with it the way i do, but the worst part of it, the worst part of being sad, is realizing you’re not supposed to feel like this 
and then of course, realizing that freaks me out and i get anxious

i just need to know it makes sense that i feel this way
not my brain chemicals, not any of that, because for me those don’t cause it, they just make it worse; i just need to know that the things that made me sad, that triggered all this, that it makes sense that i’m sad

the scariest thing to me is to be sad for no reason.

I feel like crud, but last Thursday was extreme, so here’s a picture of me in a leather jacket with crimped hair from Thurs. I’m pretty sure we almost died like 5 times, but only 2 of them were truly frightening, and we lived so it made a good story. Adventures are always yay (as long as no one gets injured lol), and I love hanging out with that little crew. Good company is good.